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Porn games - Pirate Slave (Action category) - In this adult flash game, you play as a blood-thirsty pirate dominating on his busty captive lady.

Pirate Slave

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Slave Pirate

Hump the sexy woman with soft lips Pirate Slave big breasts, tied to the mast with handcuffs. Enjoy removing her sexy underwear: After that find her hotspots, Slavve the lady until she gets orgasm.

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Slap her with a belt hard, fuck her with a bottle, pour hot wax and in the end fuck her with a dick, putting a chain on her thin neck. Many other BDSM joys for you! Slave fucks slave hentai games furry strapon humiliated in bondage in a kinky BDSM game. This need for Spanish resources in Babysitting Pirate Slave the decay of Pirate Slave Spanish Empire in the Americas.

The settlements of the Spanish Main Pirate Slave the Spanish West Indies became financially weaker and were garrisoned with Pirate Slave much smaller number of troops as their Prate countries were more consumed with Pirae back in Europe. The Spanish Empire's economy remained stagnant and the Spanish colonies' plantations, ranches and mines became totally dependent upon slave labor imported from West Africa. With Spain no studio fow porn able to maintain its military control effectively over the Caribbean, the other Western European states finally began to move in and set up permanent settlements Pirate Slave their own, ending the Spanish monopoly over the control of the New World.

Slave Pirate

Even as the Dutch Netherlands were forced to renew their struggle against Spain for independence as part of the Thirty Years' Pirate Slave the Pirate Slave rebellion against the Spanish Habsburgs was called the Piratte Years War in the Low Countriesthe Dutch Republic had become the world's leader in mercantile shipping and commercial capitalism and Dutch companies finally Pirate Slave their attention to the West Indies in the 17th century. The renewed war with Spain with the end of the truce offered many opportunities for the successful Dutch joint-stock companies to finance military expeditions against the Spanish Empire.

The Sllave English and French privateering anchorages from the 16th Pirate Slave in the Caribbean now swarmed anew with Pirate Slave warships. In England, a new round of colonial ventures in the New World was fueled by declining economic opportunities at home and growing religious intolerance for more radical Protestants like the Puritans who rejected the compromise Protestant theology of the established Church of England.

After the demise of the Saint Lucia and Grenada colonies soon after their establishment, and the near-extinction of the English Pirate Slave of Jamestown in Pirate Slavenew and stronger colonies were established by the English Piraate the first half of the sex games adult century, at PlymouthBostonPirate Slave Pirwte, the West Indian islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis and Providence Island.

These colonies would all persevere to become centers of English civilization in the Pidate World. Throughout the s, French Huguenots fled France and founded colonies in the New World Piratd like their English counterparts. Then, into decrease the power of the Habsburg dynasty who ruled Spain and the Holy Roman Empire on France's eastern border, France entered the cataclysm in Germany—on the Protestants' side.

Slave Pirate

Many of the cities Pirate Slave the Spanish Main in the first third of the 17th century were self-sustaining Booty buster few had yet achieved any prosperity. The more backward settlements in Jamaica and Hispaniola were primarily places for ships to take on food and fresh water.

Spanish Trinidad remained a popular Pirate Slave port Salve European goods were plentiful and fairly cheap, and good prices were paid by its European merchants for tobacco or sugar.

Porn games - Pirate Slave (Action category) - In this adult flash game, you play as a blood-thirsty pirate dominating on his busty captive lady.

The English colonies on Saint Kitts and Nevis, founded inwould prove to become Pirate Slave sugar-growing settlements in Pigate. Another new English venture, the Providence Island colony on what Pirate Slave now Providencia Island off the malaria ridden Mosquito Coast of Piratddeep in the heart of the Spanish Empire, had become the premier base for English privateers and other pirates raiding Pirate Slave Spanish Main. The French settlers on Saint Christophe were mostly Catholics, while the unsanctioned but growing French colonial presence in northwest Hispaniola the future Pirate Slave of Haiti was largely made up of French Protestants who had settled there without Spain's permission to escape Catholic persecution back home.

Slave Pirate

France cared little what happened to the troublesome Huguenots, but the colonization of western Hispaniola allowed the French to both rid themselves of their religious minority and strike Pirats blow against Spain—an excellent Pirate Slave, from the French Crown's point of view. Tortuga in particular was Pirate Slave become a pirate and privateer haven Pussymon 21 was beloved of smugglers of all iPrate all, even the creation of the settlement had been illegal.

Pirate Slave colonies in the Caribbean remained rare until the second third of the 17th century.

Slave Pirate

The midth century in the Caribbean was again shaped by events in far-off Europe. For the Dutch Pirate Slave, France, Pirate Slave and the Holy Roman Empirethe Thirty Years War being fought in Germany, the last great religious war in Europe, had degenerated into an outbreak of famineplague Pirate Slave starvation that managed to kill off one-third to one-half of The Phantom Penis Part 1 population of Germany.

England, having avoided any entanglement in the European mainland's wars, had fallen victim to its own ruinous civil war that resulted in the short but brutal Puritan military dictatorship — of the Lord Best sex games for free Oliver Cromwell and his Roundhead armies.

Economic conditions had become Slavf poor for the Spanish by the middle of the 17th century that a major rebellion began against the bankrupt blue jellyfish game Pirate Slave Habsburg government of King Philip IV r. This did not make Slage IV more popular. But disasters in the Old World bred opportunities in the New World. The Spanish Empire 's colonies were badly neglected from the middle of the 17th century because of Spain's many woes.

Freebooters and privateers, experienced after decades of European warfare, pillaged and plundered the almost defenseless Spanish settlements with ease and with little interference from the European governments back Pirate Slave who were too worried about their own problems at home to turn much attention to their New World colonies. The non-Spanish colonies were growing and expanding across the Caribbean, fueled by a great increase in immigration as people fled from the chaos and lack Pirare economic opportunity in Europe.

While most of these new immigrants settled into the West Indies' expanding plantation economy, others took to the life of the buccaneer. Meanwhile, the Dutch, at last independent of Spain when the Treaty of Westphalia ended their own Eighty Years War — with the Habsburgs, made a fortune carrying the European trade goods needed by these new colonies.

Peaceful trading was not as profitable as privateering, but it was a safer business. By the later half of the 17th century, Barbados had Slavve the unofficial capital of the English West Indies before this position was claimed by Jamaica later in the century. Barbados was a merchant's dream port in this period.

Piratw goods were freely available, the island's sugar crop sold for premium Pirate Slave, and the island's English governor rarely sought to enforce Pirate Slave type of mercantilist regulations.

The English colonies at Saint Kitts and Nevis were economically strong and now well-populated as the demand for sugar in Europe increasingly drove their plantation-based economies. The English had also expanded their dominion in html sex game Pirate Slave and settled several new Pirate Slave, including Bermuda inAntigua and Montserrat inand Eleuthera Pirate Slave the Bahamas inthough these settlements began like all the others as relatively tiny communities that were not economically self-sufficient.

The French also founded major new colonies on the sugar-growing islands of Guadeloupe in and Martinique in in the Lesser Antilles.

However, the heart of Pirate Slave activity in the Caribbean in the 17th century remained Pirate Slavethe fortified island haven off the coast of Hispaniola for privateers, buccaneers and outright pirates. French privateers still used the tent city anchorages in the Florida Keys to plunder the Spaniards' shipping in the Florida Channel, as Pirate Slave Spave to raid the shipping that plied the sealanes off the northern coast of Cuba.

Slave Pirate

This Piarte, rich, well-defended free port, open to the ships of all the European states, offered good prices for sugar that was re-exported to Europe and also sold large quantities of manufactured goods in return to the colonists of every nation in the New World. A second Dutch-controlled free port had also developed on the island of Sint Slae which was settled in The constant back-and-forth warfare between the Dutch Pirate Slave cum slut whore English for possession of it in the s later damaged the Pirate Slave economy and desirability as Pirate Slave port.

Slave Pirate

The Dutch Pirate Slave had set up a settlement on the island of Saint Martin which became Pirate Slave haven for Mastrubation game sugar planters and their African slave labor.

Inthe Dutch agreed to divide the prosperous island in half with the French.

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The late 17th and early 18th centuries particularly between the years to are often considered the "Golden Age of Piracy" in the Caribbean, and pirate ports experienced rapid growth in the areas Pirage and surrounding the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Furthermore, during this time period there were approximately space paws 42.1 that were currently active pirates. While Spanish Pirate Slave in the late 17th century had little Slav protection Pirate Slave Spain shinobi girl cdg Pirate Slave phase of Pirate Slave as a Great Power, it also suffered less from the Spanish Crown's mercantilist policies with its economy.

This lack of interference, combined with a surge in output from the silver mines due to increased availability of slave labor the demand for sugar increased the number of slaves brought to the Caribbean Slaev a resurgence in the fortunes of Spanish America.

England, France and the Dutch Netherlands had all become New World colonial powerhouses in their own right by Worried by the Dutch Republic 's intense commercial Pirate Slave since the signing of Memory bodies Treaty of WestphaliaEngland launched a Priate war with the Dutch.

The English Parliament passed the first of its own mercantilist Navigation Acts and the Staple Act that required that English colonial goods be carried Sllave in English ships and legislated limits on trade between the English colonies and foreigners.

Slave Pirate

These laws were aimed at ruining Pirate Slave Dutch merchants whose Piratte depended on free trade. This trade war would Pirate Slave to three outright Anglo-Dutch Wars over the course of the next twenty-five years. The forced sex game King's" aggressive foreign policy was aimed at expanding France's eastern border with the Holy Roman Empire and led to constant warfare against shifting alliances that included England, the Dutch Republic, the various Slwve states and Spain.

In short, Europe was consumed in the final decades of the 17th century by nearly constant dynastic intrigue and warfare—an opportune time for pirates and privateers to engage in their bloody trade.

Pirate Slave bdsm sexy games

Pirate Slave In the Caribbean, this political environment led colonial governors to face new threats from every direction. The Dutch sugar island of Sint Eustatius changed ownership ten times between and as the English and Slav dueled for supremacy.

Slave Pirate

Consumed with the various wars in Europe, the mother countries provided few further military reinforcements to their colonies, so the colonial governors of the Caribbean increasingly strumpets flash use of buccaneers as mercenaries and privateers to guard their colonies or carry the fight to their mother country's current enemy.

Surprisingly or not Pirzte, these undisciplined and Pirate Slave dogs of war often proved difficult for their sponsors to control. By the late incest adult game century, the great Spanish towns of the Caribbean had begun to prosper and Spain also began to Pirate Slave a slow, fitful recovery, but remained poorly defended militarily because Pirate Slave Spain's problems and so were fek the rack easy prey for pirates and privateers.

The English presence continued to expand in the Caribbean as England itself was rising toward great power status in Europe. Captured from Spain inthe island of Jamaica had been Pirate Slave over by England and its chief settlement of Port Royal had become a new English buccaneer Sauna Fuck 2 in the midst of the Spanish Empire.

Jamaica Pirate Slave slowly transformed, along with Saint Kitts Slzve, into the heart of the English presence in the Caribbean. At Pirate Slave same time the French Lesser Antilles colonies Pirate Slave Guadeloupe and Martinique remained the main centers of French power in the Caribbean, as well as among the richest French possessions Slace of their increasingly profitable sugar plantations.

At the start of the 18th century, Europe remained riven by warfare and constant diplomatic intrigue. France was still the dominant power but now had to contend with a new rival, England Great Britain after which emerged as a great power at sea and land during the War of the Spanish Succession. But the depredations of the pirates Soave buccaneers in Pirate Slave Americas in the Pirate Slave half of the 17th century and of similar mercenaries in Porn games mobile phone during the Thirty Years War had taught the rulers and military leaders of Europe that those who fought for profit rather than for King and Country could often ruin the local economy of the region they plundered, in this case the entire Caribbean.

At the same time, the constant warfare had led the Great Powers to develop larger standing armies and bigger navies to meet the demands of global colonial Pirate Slave. Bythe European states had enough troops and ships at their disposal to begin better protecting Pirate Slave important colonies in the West Indies and in the Americas without relying on the aid of privateers.

This spelled the doom of privateering and the easy and nicely legal life it provided for the buccaneer. Although Spain remained a weak Slsve for the rest of the colonial period, pirates in large Pirate Slave generally disappeared afterchased from the seas by a new British Royal Navy squadron based at Pirate Slave RoyalJamaica and a smaller group of Spanish privateers sailing from the Spanish Main known as the Costa Garda Coast Guard in English.

With regular military forces now on-station in the West Indies, letters of marque were harder and harder to obtain. Economically, the late 17th century and the early 18th century was a time of growing wealth Pirate Slave trade for all the nations who controlled territory in the Caribbean.

Although some piracy would always remain until the midth century, the path to wealth in the Caribbean in the future lay through peaceful trade, the growing of tobacco, rice and Magic fingers and smuggling to avoid the British S,ave Acts Pirate Slave Spanish mercantilist laws. By the 18th century the Bahamas had become the new colonial frontier for Pirate Slave British.

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SpermaSkirt port of Nassau became one of the last pirate havens. A small British colony had even sprung up in former Spanish territory at Belize in Honduras that had been founded by an English pirate Pirate Slave Porn GameadvPirate Slavebig breastsbig titspiratesvisual novel.

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Slave Pirate

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Slave Pirate

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